Silent Force: Unemployed/UnderPaid Doctors, Medical Reps & Health Insurance Agents

I have never been a critic, in fact I always look for solutions, more like following a “why not” kind of strategy. But writing this subject, I am afraid readers would certainly find me upset, which to me is quite natural when one sees such high level of disparity when it comes to Pakistan’s ever bullish Pharmaceutical Industry, compared to the standard of living amongst doctors, medical reps, pharmacists, health insurance agents etc

I was told recently that Pakistan’s Pharma Industry’s market size is well passed $2 billion and growing thick, which is rather surprising compared to the low per capita income. It may sound business as usual, when health regulatory assist companies to set higher prices, allow them tax benefits, relief on import of raw materials, duty-free equipment etc., but when we start seeing the human capital which is being deployed by this very industry, being exploited by way of virtually zero job security, round the clock sword hanging situation to meet sales targets, anxiously chasing doctors, hospital directors to win their hearts so they could write prescriptions of their choice

Having touched this subject, it’s also important that we put this on record, that we have over 15,000 jobless doctors in the country, at a time when healthcare has become “the” subject all over, but our doctors are still being left mercilessly, giving them an indication that all that hard work and investment made by thousands of parents had worth nothing!

This is not an easy subject to deliberate on, instead there has to be an evolutionary process, which needs to play its part, so much-needed awareness is created, at the same time, we hear voices from the heavens to rescue these poor bunch of highly motivated, yet neglected professionals

As the saying goes, charity begins at home, I have taken the first step, actually it’s not me, it was my honest will to do something worthwhile, and I had this idea from the Almighty. I am starting a self employment venture to partner with doctors, med reps, health agents to create a worthy platform, and be able to find ourselves standing in the mainstream market, so we reach out to as many deserving professionals as possible, irrespective of geographical boundaries. God willing!