MEDIA ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TABLE! Ignorance or deliberate practice?

I get exhausted to put it mildly, changing TV channels, trying to get something refreshing to unwind, lift one’s mood after a hard day at work, but in all honesty, its one news channel after the other – simple people, living ordinary lives, confined between their homes & places of work, including myself, till few years ago, used to wonder, why do we have so many channels airing the same news!

The best I could understand, was to judge the quality of news, the presentation of anchors, the sponsors behind those ads – that was it, I could not have even started to believe that media is everything one needs to steer the crowd! I have worked internationally, I have seen people across the US who lived all their lives depending on CNN & FOX. For them everything revolved around their very own source of so called “reliable & timely news”, I have answered questions like “if Pakistan & India had air-conditioners?” – this is not too old, but prior to 9/11 and Iraq/Middle East invasion by the US

Its like 2 sides of the same coin, we have critics & we have the media, I never realized the power of having media on your side until recently, they actually deliver what they want to sell, and not, what people really “need” – is “the solution” – I personally feel, media should stop being negative, someone must step forward, take responsibility to be progressive & address issues constructively – there is something to learn from Jews, they are, globally, not even the size of Karachi’s population, yet they stand together, united and end up controlling most of world’s wealth. Coincidently, they also own majority of global media giants 🙂 – in my opinion, media can make a lot more money than they every imagined, if they start finding solutions to peace, ending poverty, sharing of natural resources, focusing on youngsters, get involved in youth counselling – I ask senior media professionals, what are we gaining through never ending political debates? being critical all the time! we are actually losing time, our new generation is being neglected, we already know, youths have gotten into street crimes, some of them into drugs – how long will this last? lets not forget, cost of living is going up each day, no job opportunities – and yet media is walking like a blind person, not realizing where they are heading and the consequences attached, if they don’t change the mindset right now – its not difficult to make them realize, no one is interested to see the bloodshed, civil wars being reported 24×7 – lets try to be the change, even if we assist in changing one family’s future, knowing our own resources, God Almighty would be very pleased – lets be responsible!