The Big Dilemma: Charities, NGOs, Donors lack of Genuine Appetite to get FOCUSED

The subject may sound negative to start with, but as always, objective is to identify opportunities that are being wasted in a big way. Its also not too difficult to realize, that the amount of donor’s money spent each year on non development spending, operational costs of charities, NGOs to maintain offices, conducting events etc., is far greater than what actually goes into actual development and/or rehabilitation of the Target audience

World public sector donations alone, over the past 10 years can be seen at a glance in this chart below. It’s totally pointless to debate as to why major organizations fail to make an impact, even by dishing out most generous promotion campaigns, making media headlines. The only tangible impact, one could see is the political mileage, if I can be critical for once, most charities work as if they’re “professional political strategists” working under a predefined agenda

GIVING CHARITY THE WRONG WAY, no matter how big or small, will never work. It’s the attitude that make/break relationships, leave alone accepting money, if being seen as beggars. We simplify stop expecting results or I should say miracles if we fail to boost confidence & self respect in the person we are genuinely trying to help. We will never find such rules in any professional coaching books, its infact the human element which we hardly see these days

THE RIGHT WAY to help is the purity in our hearts, the desire to make people smile, and make them happy. This is not at all difficult if one’s direction is straight, however, if its to serve another agenda, delivery capabilities will get affected. Right attitude again will come under discussion, there’s no question of gaining meaty results if we reachout to shake hands rather than expecting people to come and receive our favors

Let’s look at a scenario from donor governments perspective, because being smart salesmen, its imperative we speak the same language customers understand. So if the objectives are to gain political mileage, by way of public support at home and market access, greater market share outside, we really don’t need financial wizards, all that’s needed is to go out, make friends and more importantly make partners, give them hope, be there to show we care for real, gain never-ending trust – BOTTOMLINE: captive markets, loyal customers, more jobs, above average growth, natural distribution of wealth and above all, evolution of new sustainable economies – benchmarks; capacity building & cumulative impact

First step is tough though, someone has to assume responsibility


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