Find that Vitality: Life with a Purpose

Have we ever realized why God has made kids so inquisitive? they never stop questioning until we get irritated! in all honesty whatever they ask, are all logical questions, and at times we even fail to give a satisfying reply:) the point I am trying to make here, is to make people understand that there is a reason why God make our children so curious – kids mind is most energetic, adaptable in the first few years, its the best time to nurture their raw talent, we must never bulldoze their thought process, which most of us do, unfortunately – science has proved that 75% of a child’s personality is developed by the time he/she reaches 3 years – it means these formative years are critical, they be exposed to all good knowledge, sensitivity, sense of sharing, forgiving, being happy etc

Our continuous care, attention to listen them without showing signs of frustration, take time out to play with them, read them books along with other group activities would develop them into confident, sensitive, socially conscious human beings, just the way God has created nature around us – everything is so beautifully placed, and in such great order

We go a step further, on a macro level, if we witness today’s life, everyone is running in different directions all day long, is there a firm destination that we focus on? ask yourself, do we leave home unprepared if we were to go on a journey? no, we pack all the right things needed so we don’t get stranded, so why we fail to get the same formula work for us in our daily life!

Few words with strong impact, ” being happy, content, satisfied, conscious” most people relate such blessings with money, as they feel only rich people are able to gain such a situation. This is not correct at all, we will find the answer very easily, what if we have money & there is no health? what if we have huge mansions, and no children? everything is for a special reason friends, when God is all able, we cannot pick one mistake in His infinite creations, its only natural, we also leave our fate in His Hands, all we need to do is to remain focused with unshakable faith

Having understood nature, it becomes mandatory to take ownership, and assume greater responsibility – being individuals, there is no way one is able to reach out to assist everyone, thats why The Almighty asked us to help our families, friends, neighbours first as they have right on us, it is simply inhuman if we know our dear ones are in need of our help, financial or otherwise, and if we ignore, continue to help others, either by sheer ignorance or could be deliberate – trust me, we will be questioned, for which we wouldn’t have an answer

God has sent 4 Holy Books – Zaboor, Torah, Bible & Quran – there is no change in the fundamental laws, each of these books call for equality, humility, respect, tolerance, patience, sharing of wealth amongst other many traits of being human – if we sum up only these key pre-requisites, we would understand that God expect us to help each other on the basis of love & care – the world would automatically become a living heaven, and Satan be defeated


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