Parents/Teachers need to be Good Listeners: Earn Respect

I always tell my children, we cannot force anyone to respect us, actually its the other way round, one has to earn it by way of demonstrating strong character, high values, giving attitude, ready to change without compromising the human touch

Similarly, we cannot preach something we don’t practice ourselves, like if I smoke, drink everyday, and I start telling my kids, its a bad habit and they better stay away, its just not on, I’m being most hypocrite

Another equally important aspect in a child’s upbringing is our sense of understanding & maturity, the ability in us, being parents, guardians, teachers to be good listeners, we make them believe they have loving, caring elders who they can count on, whatever the topic is, we are there to listen from least bit important, everyday school chat to extreme sensitive teenage subjects – its all about making them aware that we are there to listen anything & everything – please remember, it will just not happen, in the event we simply listen and don’t participate by giving our healthy, non-critical opinion, progressive point of view. They must feel that they are having serious talk, and that they are being heard with good concentration

On a macro level, youths need to be heard too, so whether they talk to their teachers, career counsellors, participate in training sessions, interact with senior managers, sharing their ideas with banks, family members, its imperative we give them time, nurture their talent, give them confidence, allow them to express their ideas freely, encourage them to think wild, share ideas – timing is absolutely critical, we must act fast when they have energy and confidence before its too late and they lose confidence in us. All I am saying, is that we must hear them good, with open minds and open hearts – so we also learn in the process from our new generation, I have strong faith in their capabilities, their high energy levels, creativity – so we better gain, progress and be together as friends, partners – no barriers – at home and in work place


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