Charities without Vision: Rolls with no Engine

Again, I’m not being critical, instead I am highlighting an inherent issue, but with a solution as well

Charities all over the world have surely come a long way, so we cannot even start to show disrespect, however there is a pressing need to  maximize our chances of success, while we try to identify potential areas of focus. Typical subjects such as health, education, rehab etc., are not at all tough in respect of finding target audiences, all we need to do is to start building sound process flows, and standard protocols, so we gain sustainability & growth while we learn and progress each day

Charities, striving to end poverty, develop youths, end drug addiction, alcoholism etc., are exposed to bigger challenges, as our work is not that cut out for us. In all honesty, its fairly tough to reach out to the right target audience, leave alone efforts to develop accurate road maps. Reason being, there is something which needs to be done upfront, in order to even start understanding the real ground issues, inherent challenges and the mindset before one could start talking. Thats why no charity todate has done much in this segment, its like selling mobile phones at a remote place without mobile network, or buying a rolls with no engine. Surely things wont fly at all!

In my opinion, there is a need to redefine CHARITY-HR selection criteria, its not just education, managerial experience or leadership qualities we should be looking at, instead, these strengths become secondary because as far as I am concerned, we need to make sure that charities working in this segment, must ensure that top managers come with matured family values. HR head hunters need to see if the person is tolerant, patient, family oriented, have selfless attitude towards his parents, wife & children as these things have to be present on top of professional expertise before someone is entrusted with so much responsibility

Charities doing poverty reduction programs must possess people who take decisions from their heart first, rather than putting 2 and 2 together – it just wouldn’t work friends – all the best!



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