Role of Women: socially & economically

One of the key neglected, high risk issues across developing nations is the lack of participation from women. First world, however have embraced this need to seek greater role for women in business and also socially to achieve the right balance

On a scientific level, its a proven fact that women have ability to think on 3-4 different issues at one time, while men can do just 1 – besides its the mother-factor in women that makes them better decision makers with a high degree of maturity & responsibility

Developing nations, even in this modern age, struggle to recognise the cumulative impact women could make in building their country’s infrastructure, there are millions of little girls who are being neglected & deprived in respect of basic healthcare & primary education, as families give priority to boys – its a shame that such discrimination is still being unchecked

There is an imminent need for NGOs, charities, education bodies healthcare operators, business houses, financial institutions etc., to take this issue on high priority whereby they make sure that role of women is not being compromised, its also fair to acknowledge that there are several initiates been taken to empower women, but such efforts wont reflect results on a macro level unless we link them up with mainstream marketplace, we just cannot expect them to grow in isolation, its only fair that they be given equal access to reach out to basic utilities, education, credit, funding, job opportunities etc.

On a global perspective, it also makes commercial sense to utilize women’s bigger share in world population, they are more than men, so even from policy makers standpoint, its only logical that we gain value out of this high value God’s creation, rather than tagging them as a burden, unfortunately





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