Value addition: make raw materials work smartly for us

Its common amongst all developing Countries that nature has blessed them with food and other resources, yet they continue to face tough challenges when it comes to affordable food, clean drinkimg water etc.
Some facts to justify grounds to build this discussion: Ghana produces best quality cocoa, Kenyan tea, red apples in India /Pakistan, milk, fresh water trouts in Pakistan, gold/gemstones across South & western parts of Africa, oil & gas across CIS/Russian states and the list goes on

Governments/policy makers fail to justify rationale when they witness a sitution where fresh tomatoes are being left to rot while we import tomato ketchup and paste. Similarly fresh milk gets wasted while we spend billions of dollars on powdered milk, butter, cheese etc

We are not debating on creating huge infrastructure, instead, we just need to first realize so we first take steps to preserve our natural tesources. Once we do that, we develop our cottage industry with focus on achieving results through cumulative impact at country levels

Value addition only comes when there’s good planning and determination, its our ‘never giveup’ attitude that ensures our success, if we look at Switzerland, its a tiny country, small population, hardly any sign of abundance in respect of natural resources, the country imports raw cocoa, yet its the largest producer of chocolates in the world

Its only fair that we recognize our strengths and we give our best to convert them into opportunities to our advantage and long term security, its most inhuman that we giveup without putting up a decent fight


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