Leaving Footprints: Youth Counseling & Motivation

We always debate on passing good, strong values to our children, just the way we think passionately about their health & education, however there is something we tend to overlook, or perhaps we lack understanding as to what is needed in order to pass the message across

First up, its fair to accept the fact that our children are more smarter and confident than us, and they are very strong observers, they think deep, and they express boldly about their likes and dislikes – so having known & realized such strengths, our work gets cut out well, only if we are able to demonstrate the same character in our personalities rather than preaching something we ourselves don’t practise 

When I say kids are strong observers, they see their parents interact with each other, with friends, colleagues and they  notice the kind of language we speak, the respect we give each other, the kind of business morals we believe in, values of sharing wealth & knowledge, and the list goes on infinitely 

Talking of today’s youth, they are most vibrant, full of energy and new ideas, eager to learn and grow, so my humble request is to handle this new generation with utmost care and devotion, so they realize we are being responsible and we give them due attention and at the same time, allow them to make mistakes so they be refined in their decision making abilities without losing confidence 

Its time we make them change their mindset that we are not being negligent, this time round – lets take a fresh start and give our best to our children 


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