Key prerequisite for youth ventures: Capacity Building for Cumulative Impact

Strategic planners while working with conventional businesses work on capacity building measures to gain long term sustainability, in order to confront changing market-economic trends, increased competition etc

However when we look at youth projects, we see quite a few inherent challenges such as negligible start-up capital, virtually no access to efficient supply chain, no trade credit, and constant threat of losing out

Youth ventures in comparison with microcredit funded projects & SMEs are “high risk” proposition for banks and other trade finance providers in the absence of adequate size of this portfolio, sufficient capital, sustainable business model etc

Having identified shortcomings, there’s a need to plug these inadequacies so we could present sellable business models – one of the key factors that would boost youth ventures risk profile is for project managers, charities, NGOs etc., to incorporate capacity building roadmap from day one, not just to gain strong footing but to buy an assurance for finance providers and business partners to ensure sustainability, at par with micro funded projects and SMEs

It is therefore strongly advised that youth groups, charity organisations etc., should strive to assemble bigger groups of young individual entrepreneurs together with well defined working methodologies so that we could allow youths to work within their limited financial means, and be able to take advantage of being part of a bigger platform in respect of cumulative impact of overall business while gaining access to better capital resources


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