Connecting SMEs, Youth Businesses with Mainstream Marketplace

As much as we debate on the factors concerning setting up, progress, sustainable growth and vitality of SMEs and Youth Business Ventures, we fail to identify and understandably also fall short on addressing the core issue

Key participants involved in formulating sustainable road maps for this segment of business are banks, business consultants, product developers etc., who have identified the problem 20 years ago that SMEs were the future, and they be assisted and grown seriously, however, they failed to realize that unless we create a seamless bridge whereby we connect these smaller groups of aspiring entrepreneurs with mainstream business, expected results and impact wont come

If we look at it progressively, its very evident that by creating this bridge, we present a much bigger picture to mainstream marketplace as cumulative impact from SMEs cannot be compared to standalone mainstream giants, all what is needed is to develop simple, yet innovative & well structured business models, target bigger pool of SMEs, and individual youths, develop interactive, technology based applications to pass on the message more effectively while keeping development costs under control, seek serious participation from banks, charities, insurers, logistics companies etc., so risk could be mitigated on the strength of spreading resources amongst a very large pool of customers who falls in the category of  high growth, low risk business and they are most conscious of being disciplined and focused 

 All we need is the initiative from large banks, NGOs, charities to put together a platform, absorb start up development cost to build a road map, identify first set of strategic partners, assemble first set of SMEs and youths and get started, its better to realize this need immediately rather than continue losing time & limited resources


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