Independent Service Providers: Double Edge Sword Situation

Being self employed sounds like a dream come true, but like every luxury, one needs to pay the tag price. As much as I advocate independence to our new generation, I always alert them that there are benefits and there are risks and threats. Managing your own business comes with several challenges, such as making sure we pay salaries to our employees in time, getting worried on office bills etc., at the same time we are equally concerned that we get enough clientèle to keep us afloat as our expense meter is not going to stop. It means that the slightest compromise on quality of service, could actually cost us losing the client, so like any 9-5 organization, sustainability remains our top priority, which will only come true, if we start our journey with a strong sense of direction, and the destination we want to reach, meaning we must establish our “values & vision” before we set out foot in the new office

Few things to debate on, could be the fact that it always pay to spend few years working with established firms just to get started, and get focused in respect of creating one’s own niche and personal aptitude as service industry has not just grown, it has evolved into endless branches, and each branch requires utmost care and attention. Another strategy could be to broaden the horizon, we merge talents and start business with a team of individuals as partners, this way we control our risk factors, at the same time we enhance chances to secure more clients and we keep the business afloat even in times of recession

When I say we are walking on a double edge sword, its clear that we have to weigh our advantages and benefits against the risks, and negative eventualities of being in an independent business. Being aggressive with strong sense of responsibility, i would always bet on being my own boss, so its your call at the end of the day, whatever you do, do it right with a lot of conviction so there are no regrets, you have to climb the tree with your bare hands, there is no other way


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