Youth Employment Projects: Charities, NGOs need to be Pro-Active

There’s good news and there is bad news:

Good news is that we see dozens of charities doing excellent work in various directions to contribute their bit in community building and progress – its also heartening to know we have big hearted donors who think passionately to improve the lives of the less privileged without being discriminant

However, the saddest part is, there is not much being done in creating employment opportunities for the youths, largely because there is no vision or business plan, that could create innovative ventures, involving low seed capital per youth, giving them achievable targets that we monitor closely and increase as they gain momentum

We would be able to ensure very decent income stream for youths, by gaining volume benefits while procuring various products under a centralized buying setup and be able to let each youth buy in small volumes on daily or weekly basis from designated collection points

The overall impact on the national economy is huge as we expect annual combined business volume to go into billions

I request all progressive charities to please take the initiative and let our youths feel loved and wanting

Imran Mateen, Strategy Consultant – Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry


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