Vision & Values must be written down before starting new businesses

Most private businesses get started without actually taking time to first come up as to what should be the vales and vision as its just like taking off to a long journey without knowing the destination

Companies with no documented values and vision are at very high risk of losing its character and value in the long run, as its managers lack the understanding of their company’s inherent needs to sail through difficult times and maintain its steady progress

There are living examples of multi million dollar private enterprises who had tremendous potential to be market leaders but they failed as a strong sustainable business model in the absence of no vision that could have saved them from increased competition and tough market situation

No matter how small is your business, its most important that you take time to think and lay down the values and vision by which the company should adopt as its road map and navigation tool

Getting professional assistance in values and vision building is just like doing counseling to students in schools and colleges where counselors encourage students to express their desires, ambitions, interests, passion so that they make sure students pick the right subjects and create a steady career path which they happy walking on

Imran Mateen, Strategy Consultant – Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry


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