Counseling is most Important in steering youths in the right direction

The inherent problem confronting today’s youth is the absence of counselors who are supposed to be the key motivating factor in any youth’s decision making in respect of his/her professional career.

Counseling must start at an early age by parents, who take time out each day to interact with kids, motivate them to be strong, encourage them to express themselves, let them start taking responsibilities in a small way, make them take smaller decisions – the idea is to assist them gain confidence and be able express their ideas, opinions etc

Once they start participating in family discussions, we take the next step of asking them to start thinking as to what they want to do when they grow up, this early reminder would nurture their thought process over a period of atleast 10 years during which they would surely be very confident and happy knowing what they want to do

Friends, its important that we, elders, be good listeners, so our kids could discuss whatever they think of, as it will allow them to start gaining knowledge and the room to put confidence in us

Imran Mateen, Strategy Consultant – Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry


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