Highlight Constructively

Its most sad and unfortunate that when we search the key words, “unemployment” and “youths” – we end up seeing countless number of people making statements, giving facts about youths committing suicides, getting into drugs, we also blame  inflation, escalating cost of living, corruption plagued societies etc., but don’t we agree that there is more to do than just being “critics”?

What is most dangerous is the fact that our new generation has lost confidence in us, they have been neglected and there is no WILL on our part to get serious, and be strong enough to accept our shortcomings, its important that we show strong character and let our grownup kids feel wanted

I request humbly to all that please participate in healthy criticism and start building ideas, share solutions, develop self employment ventures, participate in progressive counseling so we be more useful, and act when there is time

Lets be responsible!





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