Inherent Challenges & shortcomings: small-medium entrprise (SME) segment

SMEs by nature are driven mostly by individuals coming from low-middle income family backgrounds, so lack of capital resources are bound to be limited, if not inadequate. Having said this, there’s even a greater risk attached to business’s long sustainability in the absence of understanding customer profile, market’s changing behavior, ability to change with time …. in short when we start a business, big or small, its key to have a vision that defines short term and long term business goals and market positioning. The need to have adequate time spent on R&D remains paramount, just like any major corporation, as this would ensure company’s long and healthy life

Product packaging & branding has always been related to something only valid for multinational bluechip companies, which is so incorrect, companies no matter what size and background, its not going to last unless products are being packaged and branded as company’s long term assets – there have been living examples of major cotton/denim fabric makers in Pakistan (who were pioneers in denim) they become so big with time having employed over 5,000 people, they started investing in diversified businesses, but it was most unfortunate that they couldnt think of any long term business sustainability strategy – result: they are struggling like any small factory, looking for business, chasing customers –

Had they understood the business needs in time, they would have launched their own brands, packaged the products to the changing consumer desires, remain focused to the target audience they had in mind …. it would have been an entirely different end result


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