Are youth development organizations/groups doing enough?

Organisations involved in youth development must take the 2nd step towards reality! there is a lot more to deliver than seminars & workshops

With ever growing cost of living, survival is tough unless we get realistic and face the challenges upfront, good jobs are few and hard to get, so majority of job seekers unfortunately endup getting frustrated

Being understanding of the sensitive nature of young minds, coping with emotional challenges is another hidden threat for us to recognise and address

As much as we believe we lack rationale In a state of being restless, I cannot agree that holding endless seminars, workshops would bring smiles on the faces of our grown-up kids, because for one, our new generation is very proactive, they are good observers, but what they lack out of sheer immaturity and inexperience is the sense of direction for which they expect us to bridge the gap

Its high time we go onto the next level and start making honest efforts to actually put together creative-innovative business ventures – its all about making good use of our limited resources knowing so many eyes looking at us, hoping to see a change in their lives

Please, I request all my friends who are in anyway involved with youths, please take tangible actions before our kids lose hope and confidence in us

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